Drawing on many years of relevant experience gained in the sector, Hoy Consultancy can offer clear strategic advice to a wide range of clients, offering a thorough examination of business potential and supporting the launch of new and exciting projects.

Stonor House

To carry out a detailed rolling review of all day visitor, corporate and events activity to include drafting of forward masterplan and strategic vision for Stonor House, Gardens and Park.

"John Hoy is providing Stonor with exceptional support as we take the business to the next stage and develop our long term strategy. John’s experience and knowledge of estate management and diversification is second to none. In a very short space of time John has provided invaluable assistance strengthening our events programme using his extensive contacts to bring in new events. We have also embarked upon a five year planning exercise with John’s support which is already helping ensure we make the right long term business decisions for Stonor. In each area we have worked with John it is extraordinary to see how knowledgeable he is on everything from architects to music impresarios, local government to parkland managers, building projects to marketing. It is fantastic for my wife and I to have him as part of our wider team."

The Hon William Stonor, February 2018

Bowood House

To carry out a detailed rolling review of all corporate, events and marketing activity to include the interaction and linkage between Bowood House, Gardens and Park and Bowood Hotel, Spa and Golf Resort.

"John Hoy has been involved with Bowood’s visitor attractions for many years. His advice and contacts are invaluable"

Lord Lansdowne

Bicester Heritage

To carry out a detailed review of existing events and visitor activities and to set out a forward events strategy/business plan for Bicester Heritage to include support for existing and new event contract arrangements and negotiations.

"We operate a 348 acre site in Oxfordshire which has grown its visitor activities organically since acquisition in 2013. John has been instrumental in assisting us develop a clear business plan for the visitor offering, accelerate growth and advice on negotiating key venue-user strategies and agreements. John’s hands-on experience at the sharp end of a number of the country’s leading visitor attractions has been crucial value-add to our business, and lent a gravitas and knowledge that has supported our ambitions"

Daniel Geoghegan, Managing Director

Belvoir Castle

To carry out an interim strategic review for Belvoir Castle and the Engine Yard project and to specifically focus upon existing and targeted footfall, sales and marketing activity, events calendar and organisational structure.

Holkham Hall

Holkham Hall

To review the operations of Holkham Enterprises and Holkham Events Limited and to suggest ways in which the Estate can increase commercial performance in these areas whilst carefully maintaining the balance of Holkham being a family home.

"We would highly recommend John Hoy in terms of his energy, vision and innate ability to make a difference, encouraging and supporting the in-house operational team. He has a fantastic network of contacts, a great way with people and extensive experience at a senior level to bring to the table"

Celia Deeley, Enterprises Manager

Cowdray House Ruins

Instructed by the Cowdray Heritage Trust to visit and review the Cowdray House Ruins and to assess & report upon the forward options for the site to include the adjoining complex of buildings and the Walled Garden.

Shirburn Castle

Instructed by the Beechwood Estates Company Limited to visit and review Shirburn Castle and to report on the future use options for the Grade 1 Moated Castle and it’s grounds together with the adjoining Walled Garden and the adjoining complex of estate buildings in the Old Dairy Yard.

Hylands House & Park

In conjunction with E+M+C, to carry out a detailed review of the forward strategy for the corporate & park events programme for Hylands House and Park - and to report in detail regarding future options concerning systems, facilities, event contacts, event leads and operational procedures. In addition, to review local competitors, to assess sales & marketing strategy and to review proposed outdoor wedding & events venue.

Allendale Estates

To carry out a detailed review of the Allendale Estates and to look at the current management structure alongside current performance and with planned growth potential in mind. To lead the selection of a national recruitment firm and to support the selection process leading to the appointment of a new/first Chief Executive for the estate from 2020.

The Mullin Automotive Park

Recruited to support the Mullin project team and to specifically help the liaison with the local authorities and with the passage of the planning application through West Oxfordshire District Council including contact with local councillors and contact with key supporters such as Visit Britain and Experience Oxfordshire.

East of England Agricultural Society

To carry out a detailed report for the Society as they embark upon a search for a new home away from Peterborough and to explore a long-list of potential uses and activities that any new site could offer, promote and commercially exploit for the Society going forward.

Packington Estate

Invited by Lord & Lady Guernsey to visit Packington Hall/Estate in order to review current projects & opportunities - and to work with them to help draft and promote a forward vision statement and strategy for the whole Estate in order to set the tone, objectives and direction for the Estate for the next decade and beyond.

The Child Beale Trust

To work with the Chairman and Trustees to drive and support the work of the Trust and in particular to review & lift the immediate performance of Beale Wildlife Park whilst also designing, promoting and delivering the forward vision and strategy for the whole estate for the next decade and beyond with key stakeholders both internally & externally.

Burton Constable Hall

Instructed by the Trustees to carry out a detailed review of the existing business and to present comprehensive findings within a Commercial Business Plan to take them through to at least 2030. The 72 page report contained 30 core actions, a detailed 10-point plan, 3 core project areas centred around People, Product and Performance – and a blue sky vision as an ultimate goal. Ongoing support to be provided to the new Director in order to embed the new business plan and to ensure its smooth and effective delivery.

“I have known John Hoy on and off for many years and have observed his successful career. As a result of this, the Board of Trustees felt that John was the person with the best experience to advise the Trustees and to prepare a commercially focused Business Plan. We have not been disappointed - and we are looking forward to the development of Burton Constable Hall as a visitor attraction and as an important part of the nation’s heritage.”

Robert Sword, Chair and Trustee
The Burton Constable Foundation - March 2024

Wroxall Park

To fully assess the public events sector and to identify interest in bringing some events into Wroxall Park for the first time in 2024 in order to test the site and in order to ensure smooth, problem free delivery of public events in this location. Successfully identified – and contracted – two major events for 2024 (Warwickshire Classic & Performance Motor Show and Warwickshire Game & Country Fair) and will help to monitor their delivery with a view to expanding the event calendar into 2025 and beyond.

Weston Park Foundation

Instructed by the Chief Executive and the Trustees to carry out a detailed review of the existing business and to present comprehensive findings within a detailed and costed Commercial Development report. The comprehensive report contained 40 core actions, a detailed 10-point plan built around Product, Environment & Place and Marketing & Performance, 4 core project areas centred around Park, House, Accommodation and Environment – and a blue-sky vision as an ultimate goal.


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