About Hoy Consultancy

Hoy Consultancy offers a one-stop heritage service that supports landed estates, rural businesses and commercial enterprises. We help land owners, senior management and trustees to both establish new enterprises and to develop and expand existing projects. These can range across tourism, events and leisure activities conducted in and around historic houses, heritage sites and rural estates and can also look at the whole estate picture to embrace strategic development opportunities and other commercial ventures. We are interested in understanding the full picture and to supporting our clients in every way possible.

Hoy Consultancy advises upon a wide range of services including:

  • Strategic, feasibility and business planning
  • Strategic development and general estate management
  • Day visitor businesses
  • Group and school visits – including overseas markets
  • Corporate events
  • Commercial events – to include concerts, festivals, outdoor cinema, sporting, exhibitions, etc
  • Event management and contract negotiation
  • Public catering, Retail and secondary spend opportunities
  • Weddings and wedding receptions
  • Location filming and photography
  • Holiday accommodation
  • Sales and sponsorship activity and marketing/PR plans
  • Staff structures and recruitment
  • Game shooting and shoot/diary management
  • Environmental and CSR policies

We passionately care about our Nation’s unique heritage and we look forward to working with our clients to protect and enhance these heritage assets and to ‘make a difference’ going forward.


07787 112 804


Marlborough Cottage,
2 Akeman Road
North Leigh,
OX29 6AH